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Listed below are the fifty most recent reader reviews posted to ---- To post a review or to read reviews of a particular listing, click on the island destination from the list of islands on the right and search for the listing.

LIAT (Leeward Island Air Transporation) Rated 1 Stars
Caribbean Travel » Caribbean Airlines »
Rated by jackie williams on 10/20/17
Absolutely dreadful airline, but islanders have no other options. I am based in UK. Four of us will be spending Christmas in Barbados and decided to put in a few days in Tortola while in the Caribbean. Due to the hurricanes in Tortola, our hotel has been destroyed and won't be available until 2018 as most other hotels there with no infrastructure. Liat has refused to refund or rebook us to another island. We now had to book another Liat flight at full price last minute to Grenada instead. How can they get away so long with this. Who represents the people in the Caribbean for this craziness? More »

St. John Car Rental Rated 4 Stars
St. John » Car Rental »
Rated by Lucy on 10/19/17
We have rented the last 2 years thre times on our family trips to St John. They are VERY friendly, proffesional and accomadating. Their vehicles are clean and well maintained. Definately will be back with them!! More »

St. John Car Rental Rated 4 Stars
St. John » Car Rental »
Rated by Lucy on 10/19/17
We have rented the last 2 years thre times on our family trips to St John. They are VERY friendly, proffesional and accomadating. Their vehicles are clean and well maintained. Definately will be back with them!! More »

St. John Car Rental Rated 4 Stars
St. John » Car Rental »
Rated by Lucy on 10/19/17
We have rented the last 2 years thre times on our family trips to St John. They are VERY friendly, proffesional and accomadating. Their vehicles are clean and well maintained. Definately will be back with them!! More »

Castaway Girl Catamaran Rated 4 Stars
Activities » Sailing »
Rated by Sabine Stone on 09/14/17
first time I went snorkeling with Castaway in April this year-it was the best experience, the crew was great and fun. Just hope you are all OK after this terrible, destructive hurricane and hope to see you next year. More »

Seafront Sushi Rated 3 Stars
Bahamas » Bahamas Restaurants »
Rated by T. Hanna on 08/30/17
Ive been a loyal customer for several years now. The food is great, and affordable.
The one area that can use some improvement would have to be that of ordering ormaking reservations by telephone. Getting through a call at times is impossible.
More »

Seafront Sushi Rated 4 Stars
Bahamas » Bahamas Restaurants »
Rated by T. Hanna on 08/30/17
Ive been a loyal customer for several years now. The food is great, and affordable.
The one area that can use some improvement would have to be that of ordering ormaking reservations by telephone. Getting through a call at times is impossible.
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Duty Free Cuban Cigars Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Cayman Islands Duty-Free Shops »
Rated by John on 08/14/17
Excellent product and great prices. Damian is awesome to work with.
More »

Duty Free Cuban Cigars Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Cayman Islands Duty-Free Shops »
Rated by Ethan on 08/14/17
I have purchased cuban cigars from many different sites, and this is my favorite!!! Customer service is excellent! Never have issues with my shipments, and always authentic and excellent product! Highly recommend.
More »

Duty Free Cuban Cigars Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Cayman Islands Duty-Free Shops »
Rated by Paul Peters on 08/14/17
Brilliant I have used this website twice . Very reasonable prices and the quality of cigars are excellent . Very well packaged and delivery is around 5-7 days . Also the cigar boxes have not been opened and the seals intantact , not like some other websites I have used . Customer service is impressive I had some queries and I had a response within the hour . I Will be using my new found Cubans for years to come . You be disappointed. Keep up the good work Damian. More »

Coastal Car Rental Rated 4 Stars
St. Maarten » St. Maarten Car Rental »
Rated by Aisava on 05/17/17
Scams! Hustlers! Liars! Be warned, do NOT rent from them! We paid $455.32 IN cash for a 12 days rental including an all risk insurance at $17 per day. Two days before the end of our vacation, we woke up to all 4 doors of the car being removed. Strangely, the car rental could not be reached at any of their tel nrs and only 100 calls later at 5 pm, we finally got them on the line. Only to be glibly informed that we still would have to pay $500 in damages even though the owner D.York never mentioned this on the day we took out the insurance, He claims he omitted mentioning it because he knew we wouldn't have taken out the insurance otherwise.

When I told him this goes against best business practices, he claims we should be "throwing a party" instead of being angry at this extra sudden cost. Who says such a thing after a car has been vandalized?

Anyhow, he asked if we think he "sent his "boys" to vandalize the car so we can end up paying?". Since, I didn't even know he has "boys" that he could "send" and the fact he asked this twice, I can only think that is exactly what he did.

Never did he show sympathy for our situation, never a word of remorse or shock instead he told me to be "happy" it's "only" costing me $500.

it's a well known scam some of these rentals run on the island: he would put the 4 doors back on, get $500 from the tourist AND get insurance money. But not from me! He would have to pay his own doors!
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Atlantis Adventure Rated 4 Stars
Activities » Sightseeing and Tours »
Rated by Essell on 03/31/17
Experienced Atlantis on our trip to St Martin with guide Cheryl--entertaining, expressive, informative and thoroughly engaging. A never forget kind of trip! Many thanks!! More »

St. John Bracelet Company Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Heidi Katz on 03/23/17
Purchased a beautiful gold and silver bracelet with a generous sized gold turtle. Many compliments received. Lovely gift from my husband. Plan to return there during our trip in June. Solid craftsmanship and good value. Thank you! More »

Cool Breeze Car/Jeep Rentals Rated 1 Stars
St. Lucia » St. Lucia Car Rental »
Rated by BBacb on 03/18/17
Called us during the morning 30 minutes before we were supposed to get our rental and they claimed there was some company problem and that they have to charge a lot higher. Avoid. More »

Effy Jewelers Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Toni on 03/16/17
I have numerous pieces from Effy. I have not had any issues with diamonds falling out. Pieces are beautiful, staff at each store I have ever visited are friendly. Customer service here in the states is slow, but they are shortening a couple bracelets that I bought from them for free, and using extra stones to make pendant and earrings. I haven't made it to the St Thomas location yet. I will soon though.
More »

Klassique Jewelers Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Lelia Sojka on 03/10/17
diamonds are bright white
please send certificate,as promised
love the ring More »

Bullseye Auto Rental Rated 1 Stars
St. Kitts & Nevis » Car Rental »
Rated by Joshua Heuman on 03/06/17
Bullseye has old beaten up cars. They will attempt to charge you extra fees when you return the car and will leave you stranded. My wife and I had to walk to a gas station to get a taxi back to the hotel. I would not suggest Bullseye to anyone! More »

Apex Car Rental Rated 4 Stars
Jamaica » Car Rental »
Rated by Cohen Wynter on 01/08/17
Well I must say that Apex car rental is the place I will always go for my car rentals, the vehicles are well maintained and clean, they are reliable and price competitive, I have rented vehicles in Jamaica every year sometimes two times per year for the last 20 years, I have used a vast number of car rental companies, the vehicle I received from Apex, was the first vehicle I rented where I did not hear the clunking of ball joints and steering joints, even though the vehicle had over 100K on the clock, well done Apex, hope you can give me a deal in May for two weeks, thanks for making my Christmas and new year a trouble free traveling two weeks, More »

Liberty Jewelers Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by John Hemann on 12/01/16
Hope I have the right site for Peter and Jonzee at Liberty. Ellen Sussee may have called you about me. Please send email response, and I will explain what I wish to purchase. If you see Chad and Mona say "hi" from an old acquaintance. Windedahl and Lon Thomas are friends. More »

Klassique Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Cassie J on 09/15/16
On a recent cruise, I purchased what I thought was a Tanzanite pendant in their Ketchikan, Alaska store. When I took the pendant to my jeweler back home, I was told that my "Tanzanite" was actually a cubic zirconia. Beware when purchasing jewelry in this store! If you think you are getting a real Tanzanite - make sure you ask if it's real or a cubic zirconia!! More »

Hang Your Hammock Properties Rated 4 Stars
St. Thomas » St. Thomas Real Estate »
Rated by Jillian North on 07/19/16
Carol Corwin is a liar and a thief. I highly would recommend anyone else with any faint sign of a pulse over her and her company, Hang Your Hammock. Actually there is quite a few wonderful realtors on island, just not her. She will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as you sign on the dotted line. Don't ever expect to get any of your security deposit back, she keeps it as part of her services. More »

Erno Laszlo at Gesine's Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Specialty Stores »
Rated by Susan Lasovick on 06/24/16
I've been buying Laszlo from Gesine's for a couple of years, live in the US, and there have been delivery issues, because they use USPS. The latest however, is that my order never arrived!! And Gesine's has NOT responded. USPS says they delivered to my front door, but no signature was required, for an order of more than $200. Absolutley no comment, response, or apology from Gesine's. They have the money, and I have nothing. More »

Perfection Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by F. Real on 05/23/16
I would not trust the owner, doesn't stand by his word. More »

Virgin Island Perfect Wedding Day Rated 1 Stars
Weddings » Wedding Planners »
Rated by Kim Sumner on 05/09/16
Deb... I let you know on February 5, 2016 that my Dad was super sick and the Dr didn't give him but a month to live. So I emailed you to let you know that the wedding that we had booked with you in May was going to need to be canceled. You were very nice and I wasn't expected to get anything back except for the $200 that is stated in your contract. You contacted me back saying "Hello Kimberly, So sorry to hear of your Dad. We will take you off of the calendar but feel free to call at any time if you should change your mind." I emailed you asked you how I could get back the $200 out of the $400 deposit that I gave you like the contract stated that I entitled to. You replied on February 22, 2016 "Hello Kim, We had paid the government the location fee for the use of Beach. $100.00. Just waiting to hear if they will give a refund for it. I am not holding my breath they still have not paid 2013 refund taxes yet. Will let you know as soon as I hear back either way." I have emailed you three times and called and left a message but I have STILL not heard anything back from you. My only result is to put up how you do not honor your contracts on every review site that I can find. It is sad because I know that you have lots of good reviews as well but I feel so hurt that because I had to cancel my wedding because my father was about to die that you will not honor your contract and refund me $200. No matter what, I am glad that I canceled with you because my Dad did end up passing away a month later and it is horrible that I had to try to hunt you down during this time that I was grieving over my father and I STILL have not gotten ahold of you.....
More »

Castaway Girl Catamaran Rated 4 Stars
Activities » Sailing »
Rated by Cindy Casto on 05/04/16
This was my first cruise and this excursion was by far my favorite one!! the crew was amazing and the capt was a blast! Great time Great Rum Punch!! bought the T-shirt! Lol Thanks for making this vacation fantastic!! More »

The Crystal Shoppe Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Duty-Free Shops »
Rated by Frances Petolillo on 04/20/16
Always found what we wanted when we cruised the caribbean and frequented the crystal shoppe from Selwyn More »

Klassique Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by SHELLEY SHERWOOD on 04/14/16
I bought a $2100 diamond ring on March 9, 2016 from Dragan. We were on a Holland America cruise. Unfortunately, I did not heed our cruise line's recommendations on who to shop with. He told my husband and me that this diamond was
H in color, and SI in clarity. It took 3 weeks to get my appraisal, after calling and asking for it. It was a very vague appraisal, not even mentioning the center stone at all. Also, he was very off on total weight of the ring. I called after I got home to tell him I was very disappointed in the diamond, after I took this ring to my longtime jeweler, who verbally appraised it as I1 in clarity, and K in color. Quite a ways off from how it was represented to us! He asked me to get an appraisal from an independent gemologist, which I did to the tune of $60. She confirmed what my jeweler had appraised this center stone as. I then sent the appraisal to Dragan, who called me this afternoon about it. I played a game of dodgem with him, going round and round about the color and clarity. He kept insisting that I got what I paid for! He said this ring was graded with the naked eye!! How ludicrous!! What jeweler does this? at least, what reputable jeweler would do this?? Just beware of this store! DO NOT BUY DIAMONDS IN THE CARIBBEAN!! I am so unhappy with this ring. I am going to have to replace the center stone. And I was not reimbursed for my appraisal cost either. STAY AWAY FROM KLASSIQUE JEWELERS!!! More »

Harrison's Fine Caribbean Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Dominican Republic » Shopping »
Rated by Kent DeMeyer on 03/31/16
Bought a beautiful ring for my girlfriend at the Harrisons at the Iberostar in La Romana. After having two of the Larimar settings fall out of the ring, i emailed Harrisons twice and received no response. Very dissapointing and will never do business with them again. More »

Klassique Jewelers Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Barbara M. Chastain on 03/10/16
i bought a lovely dia. bracelet .in March 2012 and they were lovely to work with and now am trying to replace it since it was stolen. Actuallly my daughter also bought one a little smaller at the same time and has enjoyed hers. More »

Seafront Sushi Rated 2 Stars
Bahamas » Bahamas Restaurants »
Rated by Kim on 02/25/16
I should start by saying I have eaten at seafront 100 times, the food is always great and the service has never been up to par but lately it seems to have hit ROCK BOTTOM! We sat down at 7:30pm and after flagging down our waiter he finally took our food order at about 8pm, they already take a long time to make your food so having an unnecessary 30mins added to our wait was annoying. All of the staff looked that it was the greatest bother in the world to serve the guests. After asking 3 waiters and waiting about 30mins for a martini we decided to ask the bartender for it, while she obviously making lemonade and NOT a martini she rudely answered that it was coming. There was no ask to refill any of our drinks, two place settings were missing and we had to ask the server 3 times to bring them for us. when we finally did get our food (once again I always expect a wait at seafront so the wait for food does not bother me) and asked for eel sauce, the waiter returned and instead of saying excuse me he slapped my friends arm with the back of his hand to notify her of its arrival. I can completely understand if they are busy and cannot properly serve the guests however there were 5 other tables in the restaurant. And there is absolutely no need for the outright rudeness of the staff, I have NEVER even at Wendy’s or McDonalds had service as poor as I did last night at seafront. More »

Bernard Passman Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Cayman Islands Jewelry »
Rated by Anne Toombs on 02/20/16
I love Bernard K. Passman's Caymen Island black coral jewelry, but I can't seem to find a complete listing (with pictures and prices) of his work. I know that this is more of an inquiry than a comment but I would love to find a replacement piece for a necklace which was stolen 2 years ago. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you. Anne Toombs More »

La Rosa Rated 4 Stars
St. Maarten » St. Maarten Restaurants »
Rated by Dan Anderson on 02/06/16
The Most Awesome Lasagna on Earth, we make La Rosa a must stop every time we stay at our Home away from Home.Always a great experence! Thank's to the wonderfull staff and Chef's More »

Reggie's Car Rental Rated 4 Stars
Grenada » Car Rental »
Rated by Rick & Daphne on 02/04/16
Rented 3 weeks Jan. 2016 -- car fine, no problems, appreciated courtesy, good service, and accommodating an early morning departure. More »

Little Denmark Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Specialty Stores »
Rated by Andre Alejandro on 01/04/16
my friend and adapted mom runs this nice place, I have being buying cigars from her for the longest time and wouldn't think of going any where else ....miss you mom More »

Columbian Emeralds International Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Michael Hill on 12/11/15
I purchased a beautiful ring for my wife from Columbian Emerald International. After returning home from the Caribbean the stones started falling out immediately. I have sent many emails and spent countless hours on the phone trying to have some stand behind thier product. The amount of mental energy I have wasted dealing with this ring and the saddness my wife feels over the purchase runs contrary to the purpose of buying it in the first place. More »

Graces Cottage Rated 4 Stars
Turks & Caicos » Turks & Caicos Restaurants »
Rated by Marc M on 12/10/15
Fantastic all around experience!
A beautiful setting, experienced wait staff, and excellent food.
Hats off to Miss Williams and our waitress and waiter Dee and Atol.
We will be back. More »

Island Vibes Rated 4 Stars
Activities » Turks & Caicos Sightseeing and Tours »
Rated by Marc M on 12/10/15
Half day snorkeling with Captain John and First Mate Manny was fun and safe for these first timers.
Rum Punch and fresh Conch Salad that couldn't be beat.
Marvin and Naz run a great organization and should be proud of the service that they provide! More »

Effy Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Angela Newell on 11/12/15
NEVER SHOP AT EFFY> I shopped at Effy in St. Marteen Nov.2 2015. I found a very nice diamond ring but it was the first store I was in so I did not want to purchase. The salesmen, yes men, at least 2 tried to sell me, came down to a reasonable price and promised I could return it, even though it was being sized, even if I found a better price and even if I changed my mind. So I figured I had nothing to lose. I did indeed find something I liked better elsewhere and it was a better price so I tried to return it. They refused.They claimed they said I could return it if I found the exact same ring at a better price and they never allow returns on something sized and they claimed they would never say I could return it if I found something I liked better elsewhere. My two girlfriends heard them tell me the exact opposite. They also do not consider a return a refund, as we do in America. They lied to our faces and I had no choice but to keep the ring. I wore the ring the next day and a diamond fell out of it, I took it back the following day and again they refused to refund my money, without charging me a 20% restocking fee! which would have been 100's of $$. I contacted my cc company and was told to walk out without it and that is the happy ending. My cc company did right by me. DO NOT SHOP AT EFFY, EVER More »

Elixir Charters Rated 1 Stars
St. Thomas » Yachting »
Rated by David on 10/22/15
David never respects Janet...does not treat her or respects like she is half owner of the Elixir. More »

Harrison's Fine Caribbean Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Dominican Republic » Shopping »
Rated by TandT83 on 10/15/15
On my visit to Harrison's in the lobby of the Dreams Palm Beach Resort in Punta Cana, I found many beautiful pieces. However, items were miss marked and the clerk’s calculations of price ridiculous and unfair market practices. Specifically 14K Larimar pendants with chains attached listed them as 18" when in fact the chains were 16". The pendant in the store for (item HD00688) final lowest Price was calculated at $744.USD (started @ $894, recalculated $781, then $765, then $755 Final price $744). While the price @Harrison's online is $523.exact item. The tags on the jewelry had no prices. I was told the nearly weightless chain was the diff. in price. I asked to weigh the chain and was told NO. I asked if I could purchase the pendant only matching the online price, was told NO. Iwas told that I "should buy it, because you can afford it!". I'm dismayed with my experience of being wrangled at Harrison's Fine Jewelry. Others in my group of 26 complained about the same. The pleasure of buying a special remembrance of my trip to the Dominican Republic was ruined by the experience in the Harrison’s Jewelry Store. More »

Ballerina Jewelers Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Margaret Pickett on 08/23/15
I have purchased from Ballerina Jewelers for almost 20 years and I Love Them!! Ravi is Awesome!! The value and quality of their jewelry is surpassed by no one, anywhere. More »

Los Cinco Soles Rated 4 Stars
Mexico » Shopping »
Rated by Stephanie M. on 08/18/15
I was able to shop in this store and know that I was getting quality merchandise. I was specifically looking for silver jewelry and am aware that some places will try to rip you off, Los Cinco Soles was recommended to me. Awesome store. More »

Tranquil Realty Sister Islands Ltd. Rated 4 Stars
Real Estate » Cayman Islands Realtors »
Rated by Michael on 08/10/15
Fantastic company. Betty Bua has been of immense help to me with my Little Cayman property. Efficient, knowledgeable, professional.
I'd definitely use them if I had half a chance again. More »

Klassique Jewelers Rated 1 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Patricia A Colaizzi on 07/18/15
I just had my "tanzanite" ring appraised, and I was told by TWO jewelers that they were fake, man made.I paid $1,200 for this ring. The true value is less than $200. I would like an explanation, and a REAL replacement. I have the receipt. If no action is taken, I'll do my best to make sure that I get the word out that you are a bunch of crooks.I want a refund on this junk, and can send you a copy of the receipt.I SEE BY THE OTHER REVIEWS THAT YOU ARE SCOUNDRELS. I WANT SOME TYPE OF RESPONSE IMMEDIATELY. I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO SEE THAT THE TRUE WORD GETS OUT ABOUT YOUR "COMPANY' More »

Turbe Car Rental Rated 1 Stars
St. Barts » Car Rental »
Rated by Barbara on 06/15/15
Buyer beware charged my credit card 1500.. And gave 3/4 gas said it was full!!! More »

The Royal Shop Rated 3 Stars
Shopping » Duty-Free Shops »
Rated by Liz on 06/12/15
I arrived on a cruise ship also in May , and was not given the specifications paper work Just a receit stating the ttw and Nothing has been sent to me, after finally speaking to someone over email I was promised i would receive my specifications of ring paper by the weekend .. Unfortuanately that was 3 weeks ago..
Its a beautiful ring but would like to know the details
Out of several attempts i was ablt to find out it is a half carat solitaire with baggets and .65 of diamnds on band,
But did receive a grrrrt deal on it More »

Premier Properties Rated 1 Stars
Puerto Rico » Puerto Rico Real Estate »
Rated by María on 05/13/15
I have been looking for a property for months. I found one that I like so I communicated with Ms. Lymarie Candelario. I do not recommend this company at all. We never saw her. She never calls and never shows us the house. I visit the house by myself in two different occasions, and she texted me the combination number for a lock. She just texted me and even sent me an email informing me that they not accepted the offer that I present. What a disappointment! More »

Y & R Car Rentals Rated 4 Stars
Grenada » Car Rental »
Rated by RN on 04/28/15
very unreliable cars and non existant customer service! renter beware!!! More »

Klassique Jewelers Rated 4 Stars
Shopping » Jewelry »
Rated by Mary Danks on 03/30/15
When I bought my Diamond ring I had very good service, I cannot fing the receipt, although I have emailed 3 times for a copy of this receipt, I have given all details, date, time bought even the authorisation code so that it can be found easily,
I have not heard anything, so the aftersales service is abviously not very good, Klassique Jewelers please froove me wrong and i will amend my review, More »

Thrifty Car Rental Rated 1 Stars
St. Thomas » Car Rental »
Rated by Paul Stupek on 03/15/15
Awful experience, had to get into a screaming match with the Manager to get the car I rented, they 'bait and switch", manager had been through this issue before and had a bunch of excuses, she is rude and doesn't care about customer service, she was driving the vehicle we rented and kept saying the ac didn't work but we could tell she was just giving excuses, I was ready to undue the deal but had my family sitting out in the hot sun, magically the right vehicle showed up after we got in a shouting match, bad way to start a vacation but learned we rented the right car for the island (four wheel drive jeep), they also have no instructions on where the office is and how to get a shuttle, we just had to ask around, rest of the staff was nice and helpful but the manager was awful, don't rent here, there are tons of other places to get the vehicle you want. More »

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